Hope Village Namibia

When you enter the area of Hope Village you will be surrounded by the joy of life. Eighty happy children are running around. Twelve hardworking mommies are taking care of the children like they are their own; children who had to bear with great difficulties in their short lives. Now they have found a loving home. Welcome in Hope Village.

. Hope Village is incorporated by Pastor Mariejtie de Klerk in 2004 with the aim to help children who are victims of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Hope Village goes beyond providing food and a bed; the children are growing up in a warm and loving environment with lots of personal attention to their development and wellbeing. One of the most beautiful things of Hope Village is that they are also taking care of the future of the children. The children can stay in Hope Village until they go to University, or when they find a job or get married. Thus, until they have found a new home.

. Hope Village is situated in the middle of Katutura, the township of Windhoek. It consists of four houses. 24 children are living in each house. The children are referred to Hope Village by Child Protection, the hospital or a social worker. Furthermore, there is a vegetable garden, producing healthy food for the children.

. The future plans of Hope Village are extensive. They want to built two houses were the children can do their homework after school. They want to start a small shop selling their vegetables and recycled materials. Also, a plan exists to open a soup kitchen providing hot meals for the children in the neighbourhood or other places in need in Namibia.

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