How can I help

Become a donor!
Starting from € 3 per month you can help Hope Village. The only thing that you have to do is complete the donation form. Hope Village Europe will arrange that the donations will be collected monthly automatically from your bank account.

–>>Download the donation form.  You need to send the completed forms to the our office or by email:

Foundation Hope Village Europe
Bloemendaalseweg 9b
2061 CA Bloemendaal
The Netherlands

We have contact persons in the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland. They will be your first point of contact if you have any questions. These contact persons have volunteered in Hope Village. You can find their details at Contact Us.

Monthly or once-off donations?

Of course you are very welcome to do a once off donation. We can use it to provide extra support to Hope Village during the financially tough times. Or it can be spend on extra educational or cultural activities for the children. However, to provide Hope Village with structural aid, monthly donations are most necessary and helpful. Below you can find our bank details.

Bank account:
IBAN: NL22ABNA0564115207

Organise your own fund-raising
To emphasis again: the success of Hope Village Europe lies in your hands. Hope Village Europe is a foundation of volunteers of Hope Village and you are one of them. Be creative and find a good occasion to tell people about Hope Village and find new sponsor. Or you can organise a fund-raising at your school or village, for example a benefit concert.

Every new initiative is great. With the money raised through these locally organised fund-raisings we can support HopeVillage during the financial difficult months, for example at the start of the new school year, during Christmas or when children are in need of medical care.

If you have an idea or you would like to do more than just recruiting donors, you can send us an e-mail us at or your contact person. Also contributions to the website or newsletter, like personal stories, photos, latest news, your fund raising initiative, are very welcome and well appreciated!